Without the “Dog and Pony Show

No High Pressure Selling

No useless audits, inspections or demonstrations

Keeping Seattle homes and businesses ultra clean since 1992!

Our cleaning method

Our “Hot Water Extraction” cleaning method is, without question, the most powerful and thorough method available, leaving carpets with a freshly washed appearance and virtually residue free. Even heavily soiled carpets (and most upholstery) can often be restored to a “like new” condition, much of the time producing “jaw dropping” reactions from our clients. Property managers and rental owners call on us to clean and restore their carpets after their “not so tidy” tenants move out. This saves them significant costs in replacement. We use our powerful truck-mounted machines whenever possible and when required, our high end portable machines for high rise units.

Drying time

Water is the safest and most widely used cleaning solvent on the planet. We all use it to wash our dishes, our clothing, our bed sheets, our hair and our bodies. No. You can’t throw your carpets in the clothes dryer! That’s why heat and powerful vacuum extraction, are so important in our cleaning process. Carpets can be dry in as little as 4 hours and can be walked on immediately if necessary, with clean slippers or shoes off. Cleaning comparisons with the “dry cleaning” method really aren’t even fair. If you feel you need your carpets dry an hour or two sooner and you’re okay with semi clean, instead of ultra clean, then this method may suffice. But ask yourself this: Without the rinsing ability of hot water extraction; how do the dry cleaning solvents, chemicals or compounds, along with the soil, get thoroughly removed from the carpet?

All inclusive pricing

Our Straightforward Pricing includes all spot and stain removal and moving of furniture as necessary, within reason. Carpet Cleaning: 25 cents a square foot. Flight of Stairs: $35.00. Minimum service order: $125.00, which will clean up to 500 square feet of carpet or 360 square feet and a flight of stairs.